Forever in Lingerie

How far would you go to hold on to forever?

Martina Jackson spent the last two years running from her past. Through the practice of Holistic Medicine she has meticulously transformed into a self-fulfilled woman, with one tiny exception…hot, steamy sex with no strings.

While she waits for the job offer of a lifetime, why not quench her sexual desires with an eager man willing to push her to the limit? What she doesn’t plan for is, the fling is exactly what she’s been running from.

Rob Taylor has been waiting his whole life to find the woman he can call forever. He didn’t expect to find her in his parents’ living room wearing nothing but white lace and stockings. When he overhears her discussing her secret sexual fantasies, Rob decides to give her what she’s been missing.

As they play out each fantasy he connects with Martina on a deeper level, confirming what he knew the very first moment he heard her voice…that she is the one he’s been waiting for.

Content warning; explicit sex, ménage and the use of Holistic Medicine as foreplay.

**Novella length


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Rob entered his parents’ front foyer with his best friend trailing behind. He was about to turn the corner when a tiny voice drifted from the living room.

“Hot, steamy sex with no strings.”

He stopped short. Aleks bumped into him from behind.

“Dude, what the…”

Rob brought his finger up to his lips, his eyes motioning to the other room where giggles and screams filled the air.

“Didn’t peg her as the slutty type, did you?” That was Amie talking.

“It’s not slutty.” Rob heard his sister Carrie come to the defense of an unidentified woman. That was a relief. Walking in to hear his sister talk about casual sex would not be the best welcome.

He heard Carrie continue. “What exactly does this hot and steamy affair entail?”

“I was never popular with the boys,” the sultry voice explained. “In high school I was quiet. In university other things took precedence and so here I am. I’m creeping up on thirty years old, and I have never been with two men at once.”

Aleks grabbed his chest. “This is the girl of my dreams. Who is she?”

“I don’t know.” Rob pumped his hand up and down trying to get Aleks to stop talking. It wasn’t every day that you walked in on a woman saying she wanted to be with two men.

“Martina, that doesn’t mean your life is lacking. I haven’t been with two men.” Rob cringed. He shouldn’t be listening to his sister talk about sex.

“I’m sorry, Carrie, I didn’t mean it that way. I just… I just want to know what it’s like. I want to know what it feels like to have a man take charge.”

“You want a little bondage play?” Leave it to Amie to get into the kinky stuff.

“Not that serious but maybe. Tie me up, bend me over, and make me your slave.”

Rob’s jeans got tighter by the second. Aleks was practically piggy-backed against his body in order to better hear the conversation, and Rob swore he felt…

He turned around quickly. “Keep your johnson away from me.”

“Oh. My bad.” Aleks backed away. “This is so hot. Are you hearing this?”

“Of course I can hear. Maybe we shouldn’t listen anymore.”

“Are you kidding?” Aleks motioned to Rob’s very noticeable bulge. “You’re just as turned on as me.”

“Enough!” Rob turned around, slightly embarrassed. “No more penis talk. Just keep your thing away from my body.”

“Believe me, I’d rather be listening to that girl. I do not want to talk about your boys.”

They both turned back to catch the rest of the conversation.

“I’ve had sex before but not good sex.” Rob felt her–Martina’s–voice deep in his gut. “I’ve never had a man be there…for me. Make my pleasure number one. I’ve never had a man take charge, catch me off guard. You know…a throw down.”

“Throw down?” Rob heard his sister interrupt.

“Yeah. When it’s passionate, intense, rip your clothes off, can’t have enough of you, I want you right here, right now,” Amie rambled. “The best kind of sex.”

“You would know, wouldn’t you?” Rob could hear the sarcasm in his sister’s voice. He always hoped Carrie was naive when it came to sex, but with a friend like Amie, not a chance.

“Shut it, Care.” Rob heard the clinking of ice in a glass as Amie asked, “How are you going to go about getting this sex, Marty?”

“I don’t know, but I’m sure there’s some guy out there willing to make my fantasies come true.”

Rob turned to Aleks, unsure of what to say.

“That man is you.”

Bare Naked Designs: Book 1
Kensington Publishing Corporation: Lyrical Press Imprint
November 2010
ISBN: 9781616502096