Bound in Lingerie

Being bound together was never part of the plan.

Amie Woods is living the life she wants, but her search for a man who can keep up with her sexual demands has tested her faith in Happily Ever After. Milton Campbell bears the weight of the world on his shoulders, but when he has the opportunity to re-ignite old friendships, it reminds him of a time in his life when he knew how to have fun.

When the two meet, sparks fly–and not the good kind. Their dislike for one another is second only to the sexual attraction simmering between them. A twist of circumstance lands them in the same bed, and Milton jumps at the opportunity to put his pleasure in Amie’s hands. A two-week fling might be exactly what he needs to bring back his love of life, and Amie can’t throw away the opportunity to be herself–both in and out of the bedroom.

At first, they seemed all wrong for each other. But when “casual” builds into something more, Amie and Milton must decide if they’re willing to risk being bound together by love.

Contains explicit language, sex and a torturous strip tease in leather.

**Novella length


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“I…” Milton was speechless. He had never been asked that question before, he had never been presented with the opportunity to leave his sexual satisfaction in the hands of someone else.

The pink bra she wore cupped her breasts perfectly, the slight swell spilling out just enough to make his head spin as she leaned over, smoothing her hands up his bare chest to his shoulders. “Milton?”

“You want to tie me up?”

“I think the question is, do you want to be tied up?” Her eyes sparkled with desire but also something else. Something dangerous and enticing. 

Something he had forgotten a long time ago–freedom.

He was a successful businessman running a multi-million dollar corporation, and that meant he called the shots. He pulled the strings. Not the other way around. But maybe Aleks was right. Maybe he should have a little fun while he was in town. And this firecracker seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Milton lifted himself off the mattress and hovered over her body. “I could have you right now.” One quick movement and he straddled her, while his fingers made quick work of her bra. He had noticed the front clasp during his inappropriate staring. “Take you any way I want.”

He saw the fire flare in her eyes at his actions, but she remained cool. “You could…but you won’t. And I have a feeling, not unless I tell you to.”

Did it make him less of a man to let Amie take control? But he wouldn’t have to think, just do. Wouldn’t have to worry, he would be…free. The pressure of everyday life weighed heavy, but with Amie, he could give himself over, be cared for, safe. At least for a little while. He knew deep down that the decisions she’d make would benefit the both of them.

Milton had never had the opportunity to exercise this side of him. None of the women he had been with were confident or comfortable enough with themselves to take control.

As if knowing he was deep in thought, with a swift move, Amie toppled him. “You want me,” Amie said.

Milton knew it wasn’t a question. It was a fact, and Amie knew it.

Milton rushed up to kiss her, but she was surprisingly strong. She stopped him halfway and pushed him back down. “Trust me.” She wiggled on top of him. “Trust me to give you everything you need. I’ll take care of you.”

Something in her voice took hold of his heart. Milton had been taking care of everyone and everything for a long time. Just like he suspected, she knew exactly what he needed. It was time for him to let go and have a little fun.

He could probably hold her down with one hand and defile her–any way he wanted–but that wasn’t his intention.

“I’m not going to tie you up, but there will be no touching. At least on your part.” Amie gave him a sexy little smirk, then grabbed his wrists and moved his hands up to the headboard. “Grab on.”

Milton clutched the wood slats and held on tight. “I have a condom in my wallet.”

“Confident, Milton. So sure that we’re going to have sex.” She nuzzled her face against his shoulder, the strands of her hair tickling his skin.

“We’re not?” What the hell else were they going to do?

“I haven’t decided yet.”

Bare Naked Designs: Book 3
Kensington Publishing Corporation: Lyrical Press Imprint
September 2011
ISBN: 9781616503185